Donations and sponsorships

Eager to make a difference in society, year after year, we support various organizations in the form of product contributions. Indeed, our specialty being the design and manufacture of light wood framing, we primarily offer our support to non-profit organizations that request materials (joists, roof trusses and prefabricated walls) for their projects.

Sectors we support

Health / Well-being

Selection criteria

The assessment of applications and the selection of projects are based on the following criteria:
  • Comes from a non-profit organization
  • Is part of one of the 4 sectors favored by the company
  • Has a positive, credible image and enjoys a good reputation
  • The quality of the project
  • The target audiences of the project
  • The visibility granted to Barrette Structural, as well as to its products and services, both qualitative and quantitative
  • The probability that the organization can successfully launch the submitted project with a budget that mentions other sources of funding


While we recognize that all projects have a purpose, we have determined that we do not support the following requests:
  • Who do not meet the selection criteria
  • Who support a single individual or the achievement of a personal project such as a product, event or individual activity
  • Who come from regions where Barrette Structural does not operate
  • Who are political, religious or who are part of a lobbying process
  • Which aim to raise capital
  • Which are part of an advertising or promotional campaign
  • Which aim to support employee events
  • Who are submitted less than 4 weeks before the event is held

How to submit a request

All projects are subject to evaluation and our contribution remains at our sole discretion.
Your request must be submitted through our online form at least 4 weeks before the start of your activities.
Any request will receive a response, positive or negative. Please do not call.

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