Netiquette, a contraction of the words Net and etiquette, means the formal and informal rules of conduct and courtesy that apply to the use of social media.

Netiquette at Barrette Structural

Barrette Structural invites all web users with an interest in the company’s activities to become members of its social media. When you become a member of Barrette Structural social media, it’s important for you to review this netiquette to understand the conditions of use that apply. Any behaviour inconsistent with this netiquette is punishable by removal of the comments deemed non-compliant with netiquette or removal of access rights to the company’s social media.


  1. Courtesy and respect are required at all times among members.
  2. Insults, threats or harassment of a web user or employee are prohibited. Any comments that are insulting, aggressive, indecent, threatening, vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, discriminatory, or disrespectful are prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  3. Messages or exchanges on Barrette Structural social media must relate to the company and its operations. All off-topic communications will be refused.
  4. Address other members as though the person were in front of you. Barrette Structural social media are not an outlet for pent-up frustrations.
  5. If there is any doubt concerning the truth or usefulness of a statement, it’s best not to write it.
  6. Employees are only permitted to use Barrette Structural social media outside work hours, except for anyone whose job involves these.
  7. Information obtained from Barrette Structural must remain confidential.
  8. Falsification and identity theft are strictly prohibited. Barrette Structural reserves the right to delete a comment if there is doubt as to the author’s identity.
  9. The conditions of use specific to each social media platform must be respected at all times.

Message writing and content

  1. Exchanges on Barrette Structural platforms are in French, but Barrette Structural will respond in English to web users who ask questions in that language.
  2. When Barrette Structural answers a question from a web user, that answer is valid at the date of posting. A web user cannot apply an old answer to a current or future situation.
  3. The use of ALL CAPS other than in headings is prohibited given the potential interpretation of such a message. Also, avoid using special characters that may be subject to interpretation (e.g., !!!!###***!).
  4. Consecutive or repeated messages are prohibited in order to prevent a single member from monopolizing the page.
  5. No hyperlinks to an external website may be added in the comments.
  6. Advertising is prohibited.
  7. Barrette Structural will respond promptly to comments from web users, where applicable. The company does not review comments on the platforms, but moderates them after they are posted.
  8. By posting content on Barrette Structural social media, web users give Barrette Structural the right to free, unlimited use and publication of their content for any purpose. They agree that their comments may be indexed by Internet search engines.

General provisions

  1. Barrette Structural reserves the right to exclude members and remove any comments that violate this netiquette.
  2. Barrette Structural reserves the right to amend this netiquette without prior notice.

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