Sustainable development

Becoming a model in the field of responsible construction

A unique industrial process

Because sustainable development is important to us, here are some of its principles that we apply:

  • We support the Canadian lumber industry and its workers
  • We use timber from a certified forest respecting the principles of sustainable forestry
  • We use a local and renewable resource
  • We promote energy savings: given its low thermal transmission factor, wood is 12 times more insulating than concrete and 350 times more than steel.

The TRIFORCE factory: A sustainable and green factory

The TRIFORCE factory is not only highly robotic and efficient, but its manufacturing process is also very environmentally friendly. Made primarily of wood, this building stores 925 tonnes of GHGs, the equivalent of the annual GHGs production of nearly 200 Canadians.

Respect for the environment at the heart of the TRIFORCE factory:

  • All residual materials generated by the production of the TRIFORCE® open joist are fully recovered and used.
  • The optimization program for raw materials at the TRIFORCE plant also includes the recovery of joists with slight imperfections. As a result, the plant has a loss rate as low as 3%.
  • The TRIFORCE open joist manufacturing plant is powered solely by hydroelectricity, a completely clean energy.
  • The TRIFORCE plant has solar walls. Combined with appropriate insulation, these walls generate a significant portion of the energy needed to heat the plant. In return, we are making massive savings and our carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

Thanks to the robotization and the high efficiency of the TRIFORCE® factory, more than 97% of raw materials are used in production.