13 March 2020
[COVID-19] – Important: for your protection and ours, please prioritize the use of telephone and email as means of communication and avoid coming to our offices; only employees will be allowed at this time. Rest assured that we strictly follow government health rules and have your safety as the one of our employees at heart.

Commercial and institutional

Shopping centers, schools, libraries, health centers or other commercial and institutional buildings

Our products and services have been proven in many complex and major commercial and institutional projects


Unparalleled service
  • Custom wood frames delivered on time
  • Optimal quality structures
  • Technical assistance at all stages of the project

Whether for medium or large-scale projects, you can count on the services of the Barrette Structural teams.

Members of our technical staff will share their experience and advice, provide you with precise and detailed plans. If necessary, they will also provide engineering and after-sales service.