Our services adapted to your projects

Beyond engineered wood products and wood structures, Barrette Structural is above all the commitment of an entire company to provide you with superior quality service, at every step of your project, no matter how big or small.

Standard services

From the smallest to the largest project, our process allows us to offer you an outstanding service. Barrette Structural’s support and guidance ensures the delivery of quality products within the agreed upon time frame. Moreover, our teams will provide you with advice and installation guides to facilitate the assembly and installation of your wood structures.

Advice on your project

Barrette Structural’s sales team is composed of highly qualified personnel in the field of building structures. Our people will be able to guide you from the very first steps of your project’s conception.


Our technical staff will optimize each step of your project by taking into account the impacts on all the trades, thus allowing for a smooth construction whose total cost becomes highly competitive.

Technical drawing

With a stable and experienced team of technical draftsmen, Barrette Structural offers its clients an irreproachable technical capacity that has made its mark in the light wood frame construction industry.


Year after year, structural design standards are becoming more complex and demanding. Supervision, at the development stage of a structure, is done with engineering principles. This is why Barrette Structural has on board a team composed of several engineers who, at the design stage, support the technical team. They ensure the conformity of our structures. They guide and direct the work of our technical department to ensure an optimal result. If necessary, they can also enter into discussions with the client and his professionals to find solutions to their project. In addition, our team dedicated to operational excellence is continuously working to implement and apply quality control procedures.


With several plants to its credit, Barrette Structural has a large production capacity. This capacity, combined with our avant-garde planning system, allows us to establish precise delivery dates with our clients. With this system in place, we are able to prevent unforeseen events that could, for example, be due to possible fluctuations in the volume of production.


Once the technical drawings are completed, they are forwarded to our production team. Our factories are equipped with automated equipment for both the precision of cutting and the optimization of our use of raw materials. The assembly stage is guided by laser projections that assist our employees with the installation of the elements and ensure, once again, the precision of the final product that will be installed at the site.


We offer a staff dedicated to the logistics of delivery service, combined with a wide range of equipment.

After-Sales Services

Thanks to its great technical expertise, our support staff will be able to accompany you during the installation and once the work is completed, if needed.

Large-scale projects

For larger projects, in addition to our standard services, we offer the following services as required:

Building engineering

More and more, the design and fabrication of a structure are integrated into the same team. This is why we have been offering, for the past few years, the building engineering service. This eliminates the non-value-added steps that are often found between the architectural design phase and the manufacturing of components. The speed of execution and the precision of the schedules are the concrete results of this integrated process.

Coordination with professionals

During complex projects, rigor and precision are required. This is why our team of project managers will make sure to identify the technical issues between the works of the various professionals involved (engineers, architects, etc.). An in-depth study of the architectural and structural plans will be carried out. Differences, potential problems and optimization possibilities will be identified. A close follow-up with the various stakeholders will be carried out in order to meet the client’s needs and ensure the conformity of the project.

Delivery adapted to the assembly stages

When your project expands, our project managers will conduct a study of the future reality of the construction site that may influence the order of assembly. Site accessibility, crane positioning and interaction with other trades are, among other things, factors that will be considered in the analysis. Our staff will be able to efficiently direct our delivery team and allow for a quick and hassle-free installation.

Peace of mind guarantee

Products manufactured by Barrette Structural are guaranteed against manufacturing and workmanship defects for the duration of the structure. Click here to learn more!