Floor systems

Since there are several types of engineered wood joists on the market, our technical experts will be happy to evaluate which one offers the best performing floor system for your needs.

TRIFORCE® is an open web joist built entirely of wood and made for faster, easier MEP installation. Its 100% robotic construction ensures precision and reliability. TRIFORCE® is adjustable on site and complies with building code requirements for acoustic performance and fire resistance.


  • High-end product in stock
  • Open web joist also offering a trimmable end
  • Certified fire resistant assemblies
  • Robotic manufacturing for consistent quality
  • Provides high performance flooring system


In addition to ist finger-jointed webbed construction, TRIFORCE has a 31 5/8” OSB panel at one end, which is trammable up to 24 ”.

"TRIFORCE adjustable open joist"

Open web joist

Allows professionnals to quickly install plumbing, lectrical and HVAC systems.

Fire Performance

Rigorously tested, this open web joist comes with Intertek-approved fire-resistance assemblies for multifamily buildings with durations of 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes

Consistent Quality

In addition to a regular third party inspection, TRIFORCE joists are individually tested to ensure consistent quality.

"TRIFORCE consistant quality certified logo under open joist"

High Performance

Adding strongbacks in strategic locations increases the performance of the floor system in a simple and economical way.


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Open web design is ideal for professional and faster installation of plumbing, electrical and HVAC. It will save on labor costs too!