Floor systems

Since there are several types of engineered wood joists on the market, our technical experts will be happy to evaluate which one offers the best performing floor system for your needs.

The I-joist is composed of two parallel flanges made of 2×3 or 2×4 structural finger-jointed wood. The flanges are connected by an OSB core, which gives the profile an “I” look. The I-beam is a standard product offered in different heights and lengths,. This product can be trimmed on site.


Wood I-Joist
  • In-stock product offered at competitive prices
  • Can be cut to required lengths
  • Available in various grades of wood as required
  • Can be drilled into the web panel, at various distances and sizes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions


Available in various lengths and depths, the I-joist is adjustable on site.

Make-to-stock product

The I-joist is an engineered wood product that, with its 2×3 or 2×4 flanges, provides a large nailing surface for the subfloor.

Allowable holes along the length

The web panel is made of oriented strand board (OSB) that can be drilled on site to accommodate the building mechanics, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.